Quantify biomarkers of senescence and physiologic reserve, including p16



Analytically validated

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PR-Sapere is an evolving panel of biomarkers that measures senescence and physiologic reserve in peripheral blood. By measuring PR-Sapere in clinical studies on both disease states and healthy aging, we build the scientific foundation to understand how these markers can be applied in the clinic. This knowledge includes three dimensions:

  1. Selecting the right biomarker or biomarkers for each indication and outcome

  2. Establishing thresholds with clinical meaning.  These thresholds may be specific to an individual biomarker/indication or may reflect relationships between biomarkers.  Further, they may indicate biomarker-associated genetic risk

  3. Interpreting longitudinal changes within individuals based on aging, therapies, interventions, etc.


To-date, PR-Sapere has been used in 16 prospective clinical studies with 10 customers including UNC, City of Hope, St. Jude, and Wake Forest University.  PR-Sapere is available for research use only.

Potential Applications

Current studies involve a broad range of indications and collaborative structures

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PR-Sapere is measured in blood.  All analyses are conducted in Sapere Bio's state-of-the art lab