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T cells

T cells are a primary arbiter of health

T cells are a major component of the immune system. T cells coordinate detection of pathogens and allergens to fight everything from rhinoviruses to SARS-CoV-19.  They also seek out and destroy cancer cells, produce cytokines, and maintain appropriate autoimmunity.

All of this power comes with a price. T cells can amass DNA damage, become exhausted, and can become senescent in response to accumulating biological challenges.


T cell senescence has whole-body effects

Senescence is a cellular state of growth arrest and altered metabolism. It is a biological double-edged sword, both protecting from immediate consequences of damage, and causing permanent cellular dysfunction, chronic inflammation, and fibrosis.

Senescent T cells travel through the vascular system, provoke senescence in tissues throughout the body, and cause the multi-organ system deterioration we know as aging.

Cardiovascular system
Bioprognostic testing

Sapere Bio measures T cell senescence to capture individual differences in aging trajectories and clinical risk

Senescence has now been associated with nearly all age-related diseases, including heart and vascular diseases, cancer, cognitive dysfunction, and diabetes, as well as global aging phenotypes such as muscle loss (sarcopenia) and slowed walking speed, an early signal of organismal decline. 

As the sole source of senescence measurement with the accuracy, precision, and high-throughput required for clinical care, Sapere Bio is developing multi-analyte bioprognostics of immune health.

We're bringing actionable bioprognostics to patients at critical moments in healthcare


Our first-in-class products connect high medical need with the powerful prognostic ability of senescence measurement. Our rigorous clinical studies show how T cell senescence can stratify patients by clinical risk and resilience, informing prognosis, altering treatment decisions, and improving outcomes.

Our blood tests can reveal essential insights about an individual patient's aging trajectory, optimizing treatment decisions from cardiac surgery to chemotherapy to powerful non-pharmacologic interventions.

Blood test
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