HealthSpan Diagnostics has a new name: Sapere Bio 

Sapere Bio, derives from the Latin sapere /sah-péer/, meaning "to know" or "to learn"

Knowledge and action through physiologic reserve

The future of personalized, preventive medicine

At Sapere Bio, we are part of a growing movement to deliver personalized, preventive medicine. We translate the rapidly advancing science of aging into healthcare strategies for individual patients.


We measure individual differences in aging and physiologic reserve to better understand a person’s risk of disease initiation, disease progression, treatment response, and adverse events.

Why do people age differently?

Cellular aging occurs via senescence, characterized by permanent growth arrest and inflammation. Senescent cells accumulate due to genetic, lifestyle, and environmental challenges over a lifetime. The rate of accumulation is therefore highly individual


What are the risks of hidden aging?

Accumulating senescent cells and the accompanying loss of physiologic reserve are often unseen. When underestimated, this can lead to serious adverse clinical outcomes 

Science of Aging


Our Technology

We integrate our proprietary sample collection methods, reproducible and precise measurement of senescense biomarkers and development of algorithms to predict adverse health outcomes and guide clinical care 

We utilize our proprietary technology to preserve immune components in whole blood for shipping
We develop precise and reproducible analytical methods to measure expression of biomarkers of aging and senescence in clinical samples
We develop algorithms of aging biomarkers and clinical variables that serve as critical clinical decision support tools for physicians and hospitals
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