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 We use molecular age to determine authentic risk of adverse health outcomes.

Our clinical products augment physician judgement about optimal treatment strategies for individual patients to improve outcomes, extend healthy lifespan, and reduce healthcare costs - when unseen risk is illuminated.

Why do people age differently?

Cellular aging occurs via senescence, a state of permanent growth arrest and inflammatory metabolic activity. Senescent cells accumulate over a lifetime due to genetic, lifestyle, and environmental challenges. The rate of accumulation is highly individual and determines a person's physiologic reserve, or the ability of their organs to function normally during stress.


What are the risks of hidden aging?

Accumulating senescent cells and the accompanying loss of physiologic reserve are often unseen. When the degree of loss of physiologic reserve is underestimated, patients can experience serious adverse clinical outcomes. 

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Science of Aging


Our Products

 Our expertise is both measuring cellular senescence and interpreting its clinical meaning.

 Our analytically-validated, precise, reproducible assays are available for RUO (research use only). Clinical validation of the first LDT in our "Sapere" series of indication-specific risk assessments is underway.

Clinical Research
Biomarker Measurement
Precise, reproducible, and reliable measurement of aging and senescence biomarkers, including p16
Research use only (RUO)
Patient Care
Multi-biomarker risk assessment that predicts AKI before cardiac surgery, allowing targeted prophylaxis
Available as an LDT in 2022 (anticipated)

PR-Sapere Samples Processed To Date in Our Lab







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