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"There is evidence of aging long before people are aged"

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The molecular changes of aging begin early in adulthood, with unseen damage developing long before physical dysfunction, chronic disease, and frailty are evident

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Biological insults that accelerate aging can happen early, even in childhood


Senescence is rarely detectable before early adulthood, however damaging exposures can cause premature aging based on childhood events. For example, survivors of childhood cancers have higher senescent cell loads and experience effects of aging including decline in physical strength and cognition, and appearance of frailty thirty years prior to their peers.

Smitherman et al 2020 Cancer 126(22):4975-4983

Ness et al 2018 Journal of Clinical Oncology 36(21):2206-2215

Intensity and duration count


Throughout adulthood, accumulation of cellular senescence and age-related immune changes can compromise resistance to biological insults and capacity to heal. Cumulative damaging exposures, a person's 'exposome', depends on both the type and duration of exposure to biological insults.

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Aging trajectories differ dramatically among individuals

There can be profound differences in senescence and aging between individuals that are clinically relevant, but unmeasurable.


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