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Sapere Bioprognostics

We use proprietary sample collection methods, reproducible and precise measurement of senescence and immune biomarkers, and multi-analyte algorithms to measure and monitor aging trajectories and clinical risk.

Sample Collection
Proprietary sample collection technology to preserve immune components for shipping
Immune Analytes
Assay development and rigorous analytical testing to clinical standards 
Analyst Women Looking At KPI Data On Computer Screen.jpg
Biostatistical and machine learning model development in prospective clinical studies
Doctor and Patient
Clinical Context
Reports addressing clinical needs and actionability

Sapere Bio has the expertise and technology to bring senescence measurement to the clinic


We are the sole source of clinical senescence measurement with the analytical precision, quality assurance, proprietary blood preservation technology, and clinical context required for patient care.

medicine, healthcare and cardiology concept - group of doctors with cardiograms, clipboard

A broad portfolio of studies fuels discovery


Close collaborations with leading physician scientists lay the scientific foundation for understanding how senescent cell load can be measured and modified to improve health.

Our clinical studies are rigorously designed and conducted with prospectively collected samples

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